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Article provided by: Watts Home Center

Lighting Stores Louisville Ky

Lighting Stores Louisville Ky

Interior lighting is one of the most important parts of an interior project that is usually not thoroughly considered. Lighting does not only increase the overall appeal of any space but can also help to create an ambiance. For example, bright lights can make your room lively and vibrant, while dull lighting can create an atmosphere of suavity and relaxation. However, interior lighting is divided into three major categories.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a soft light that covers your room enough to function without causing any harsh glare. When used appropriately, this light creates a great environment to have a warm conversation or relax from an excessively stressful day. The lights are usually referred to as mood lighting because they allow your pupils to dilate slightly and captured the curves of your face.

Some ambient lighting choices include ceiling lights, recessed lighting, table lamps, torchiere lamps, and chandeliers. However, while this light is designed to get you from a particular point to another, it is not suitable for working diligently with things.

Task Lighting 

Direct lighting is important for tasks that require more light than those the ceiling lights can offer. For instance, task lighting is necessary for the task such as working closely on a project, reading at a desk, cooking and doing other tasks that require focus. The task light is usually smaller and more concentrated. This type of lighting usually works perfectly when you use it as a contrasting light.

For instance, if you have a low-lit space with a table lamp concentrated over your desk, the general light over the surface of the desk will be more efficient with less shadow effect than when the whole room was ignited with brighter lights. Some significant lighting choices include pendant, under cabinet lighting, wall sconces, and table lamps.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is used to emphasize certain areas or various parts of a room; this is a way of adding drama and style to your home. It will help focus on the pieces you want on display while shadowing the dull zones. People use this lighting for artwork, wall washing, and the general architecture of their houses.

In addition, you can use outdoor accent lighting to highlights the parts of the design of your house. Besides using it for your residential building, accent lighting can also be used in historical buildings, museums, and art shows.

Choosing your lighting options

Lighting plays a significant design role in the overall success of your room décor. Adding one or two levels of lighting sources can give your room a greater light depth, thus offering more lighting options. Moreover, some lighting choices are more versatile as they have more than one application, making them a valuable lighting option.

Reputable lighting stores Louisville KY

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