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Sliding Glass Door Repair La

Sliding doors are sleek and modern, present in every house today. But with time, they show signs of tear and start to get stuck. Are you sick of this and want the smoothness back? Our company, A+ Sliding Door Repair, provides sliding glass door repair in LA to make your doors good as new.

Why do sliding glass doors get stuck?

After some years after the initial installation, sliding doors don't remain as smooth as they were. They start to get stuck with time. This could be due to damaged frames, old rollers, or rusted locks. Sometimes, the oil or grease between the rollers dries up, causing it to get stuck more often than usual.

The stuck doors are inevitable, and we understand it. Our skilled technicians go through extensive training and are knowledgeable enough to solve all your door problems. 

What kind of services do we provide?

Different houses have a variety of sliding doors, depending on the material. It could be steel sliding, aluminum sliding, wood sliding, or a vinyl one. Finding someone who can fix all these issues in one place is not easy. You seek different places for repairs for these types, but at our company, we provide you with the right person who can solve all your problems. Our services include:

  • Steel sliding door repair.
  • Wood sliding door repair. 
  • Aluminum sliding door repair. 
  • Vinyl sliding door repair. 

For sliding glass door repair in LA, we are definitely your best option right now.

The repairing process explained

The repair process can be easy or complex depending upon the condition and health of your door. But the repairs usually applied are below:

  • Changing old rollers: The most common repair is changing the old rollers indoors. With time, the grease dries up, or bearings get rust hence requiring a replacement.
  • Repairing the track: The door track often gets dents, and the level disturbs, causing the door to get stuck. Depending on the track's condition, we might replace it or level it.
  • Adjusting the door: The default position of the door gets disturbed, and it doesn't fit anymore. Some effort can fix it with ease.
  • Replacing the locks: Rust builds in the locking mechanism of the doors, making them less secure. We replace it with high-quality locks ensuring complete safety.

The average cost for repairing sliding glass doors

The repairing cost varies from 150$ to 350$, depending on the problem. Sometimes, the whole door or track requires replacement. This further increases the from 500$ to 1500$. You can always contact us to explain your problem and cost estimation.

But there's good news for people living in LA. Our company, A+ Sliding Door Repair, provides you the best rates for sliding glass door repair in LA. Multiple client testimonies confirm our claim. If you're stuck to a strict budget and want your glass doors repair, you would not find a better place than this. You must visit our website as all positive reviews are there to help you decide better. We promise not to let you down.

Sliding Glass Door Repair La

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